The security threat to mobile devices

A recent study from Yankee Group states that data leakage from workstations impacts 81 percent of enterprises. It’s all too easy to plug in a smartphone, an MP3 player, a digital camera or an USB stick and save confidential information. Damages in 2010, for US organizations alone, were calculated at 50 billion US dollars.

Total Device specializes in software solutions that prevent the unauthorized use of removable media devices, such as USB keys, FireWire, DVDs, CDs, SD cards, Compact Flash, iPhones, MP3 players, Memory Sticks, MMC, Smart Media, DX…


Total Device’s aim is to provide complete security with maximum simplicity and minimum TCO; Total Device provides robust, high security solutions that are reliable and easy to manage.


Internal threat

It’s a simple fact: the measures often taken to secure information, such as blocking gateways, establishing security policies and regulations…,  are inadequate to protect confidential data from those who have access to it: employees, third-party suppliers…


According to a recent study ordered by the specialist of the management of the information, Iron Mountain, an employee about three (32 %) recognizes already transferred or taken out of the confidential information of his company on several occasions.

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January 19th  2015


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