2014 from Gartner's group

The managed services share of security expenses would grow by 3% (against 2.74% for all services on a worldwide approach). To calculate this data, Gartner’s Group has interviewed more than 1,000 Security Managers from the whole world during April and May 2009.

World IT growth should go on during year 2011, it would be of 4.2% at 3,500 billion dollar.

Since 2014, for software market, the best promising market shares will be virtualization, security, integration and data quality and datamining.

According to Gartner’s Group, security software expenses would overtake all other IT expenses during year 2010 with a 4% growth.



Total Device: Securing your data

All organizations are concerned about protecting their data, the backbone of any enterprise. In delivering a reliable security solution for removable and local storage devices, Total Device protects the core of your enterprise.

The majority of analysts confirm that the real threat for data security lies within the organization. Numerous are the stories of sales executives that leave their company with client records, IT managers who go to competitors with their technical projects, others, employees or third party suppliers, that have carelessly disposed of or lost confidential information in social settings.

Total Device fully understands the issues at stake. In offering a simple, powerful and affordable solution, Total Device is a pioneer in workstation security.

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January 19th  2015


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