Event Avril 2013

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Total Device and Agileise will be exhibiting at Info Security April 23rd to 25th 2013, Earls Court London on Stand B51

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Total Device and Vormetric : 10 Steps to Simplify Data Security

Join us at the Cercle National des Armées in Paris on April 04th for an innovate seminar that not only highlights the challenges facing IT and security executives, but also explains how to balance the need for managing data, scalability and performance with the larger need for risk mitigation. Hear about how Vormetric and Total Device will help you meet the data security challenge head on!


Cercle National des Armées in Paris

8 Place Saint Augustin 75008 Paris, France


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Event January 2013

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Join us on January 31st 2013 to learn how you embrace mobility without compromising security or compliance. In this session, we will explore the impact of consumerization and BYOD on modern IT departments, and the evolving requirements to secure and control your corporate data and apps on their devices without having to manage the entire device. We discuss the benefits and shortcomings of mobile device management (MDM), the latest threats and vulnerabilities impacting mobile devices, and how a new approach to corporate data containment, integrity verification and risk management can help organizations overcome many of today's obstacles that are forcing them to restrict and constrain mobility deployments. 


Cercle National Des Armées

8 Place Saint Augustin 75008 Paris, France






Event October 2012

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Join is on October 18 for a morning seminar at Cercle National Des Armées in Paris that will include a networking lunch. We will present real-world scenarios of how to fight cyber threat and data breaches in a best-practice approach to implementing CorreLog Enterprise Server, a leading solution for IT security event correlation and log management.


Cercle National Des Armées

8 Place Saint Augustin 75008 Paris, France





BFM Business

January 19th  2015


Five questions to President Laurent Delaporte,Akerva


 Akerva, was present


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