Vormetric Cloud Encryption

Vormetric Encryption for Securing and Controlling Data in the Cloud


Enterprises moving sensitive data into the cloud environments – both public and private - face new compliance and privacy concerns. While cloud service providers offer dramatic benefits in enterprise agility and cost reduction, the accountability for securing data in the cloud remains with the enterprise.

Concerns around potential data breaches, regulatory fines, and damaged reputations are amplified as enterprises consider cloud computing. The ability to secure and control data in the cloud enables enterprises to unlock the benefits of cloud computing while meeting compliance requirements and managing security risks.

Vormetric Cloud Encryption for Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables enterprises to protect and control their sensitive data in the Amazon cloud using the same encryption approach that protects data and helps pass regulatory audits for PCI-DSS and HIPAA-HITECH today. Vormetric uses powerful encryption and flexible key management to protect structured and unstructured data in Amazon EC2. This allows enterprises to control access in the Amazon cloud specific to any file, any database and under any application while communicating usage and audit information from an Amazon EC2 server instance to the enterprise console. The console establishes policies for cloud data encryption, secures specific files, and generates audit reporting for all data, both inside the enterprise network and in the Amazon cloud.

The benefits of Vormetric Cloud Encryption for AWS include:


  • Rapid deployment - Data in Amazon EC2 is encrypted in place, avoiding delays associated with re-architecting applications or modifying data structures
  • Granular - File-level encryption enforces encryption, enables access control policies, and audits usage at the Amazon EC2 server instance, process, and user layers
  • Separation of Duties - Data in Amazon EC2 cannot be accessed without appropriate credentials, but metadata is in the clear so IT administrators can perform tasks without accessing protected information
  • Confidence - Vormetric provides a security solution certified to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS 140-2 standard using technology that has helped enterprises pass compliance audits for standards including PCI DSS, HIPAA-HITECH and is deployed by the US Government
  • Management Simplicity - A single console in the enterprise manages cloud encryption, applies policies, and generates audit reports for physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Portability - Policy enforcement surrounds the data, eliminating redundant policy stores for on-premise/private cloud and public cloud infrastructures, while ensuring consistent enforcement of security standards and adherence to compliance requirements in the enterprise and in the Amazon cloud



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