Database Encryption

Vormetric encryption for databases

Encrypting sensitive information in databases is not longer an option – it’s imperative. Risk management for large scale data breaches, regulatory compliance, protecting intellectual property and maintaining a trusted brand are driving organizations in every industry to seek data level controls for an increasing amount of database data. However, concerns about performance degradation, invasiveness, application support, and how to manage broad and heterogeneous database encryption implementations too often produce hard barriers to adopting this important security measure.

Vormetric Database Encryption makes database encryption challenges a thing of the past. Vormetric Database Encryption offers the only truly heterogeneous, transparent, high performance database encryption solution with strong separation of duties and centralized management. As the heterogeneous standard for database encryption across the distributed enterprise, Vormetric customers report strong performance, minimal management overhead, and ease of key management. Benefits of Vormetric Database Encryption include:

  • Broad support for heterogeneous environments, including all versions of Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Sybase, MySQL
  • Centralized key management, policy management and audit through the Vormetric Data Security Manager
  • Strong separation of duties and compliance ready for PCI DSS
  • Minimal performance impact to databases and applications
  • Support for all data types and index types
  • Installs quickly in a matter of days and is completely transparent to applications
  • Easily extensible protection to log files, configuration files and other database output
  • Common console with Vormetric Key Management to enable management for Vormetric Encryption along with Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server 

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